Sign the Petition for an FBI Satellite Officer in Ulster County

Please click this link to Sign the Petition: Ulster Co. (NY) Requires an FBI Agent Be Immediately Assigned to a Satellite Office Here Link to Daily Freeman article: FBI field office could be headed for Ulster County, Sheriff Juan Figueroa says

Up to the Task: Fighting Domestic Terrorism in NY State By David Drimer

In May 2022, a deeply disturbed teenager attired in military garb walked into a Buffalo, NY supermarket and used a rifle to brutally murder ten Black people. Witnesses described the shooter’s demeanor as “robotic.” Tops grocery store A couple of days ago, that assailant pleaded guilty to multiple charges and is awaiting sentencing, which will likely be life in prison … Read More

The Greatest Crime in History By David Drimer

The Holocaust has been called “the greatest crime in history.” Sadly, if recent national surveys are even remotely accurate, it has already faded from America’s collective memory to a startling degree. As I’ve indicated in this column several times, Millennials and younger are revealed to be dismayingly uneducated on the subject, to the extent that roughly 20% of New York … Read More

Reflections on a Wall By David Drimer

Every time in Jerusalem feels like the first time.   But there is a force, a powerful magnet, always drawing me to the Kotel. No matter what prosaic thing I may be doing, it’s always on the fringes of my consciousness. As I wander the streets of the Old City, inching ever closer, the pull becomes stronger.   As much for … Read More

Dear BDSers: I’m sad to relate… By David Drimer

I love science. In part, that inclination was handed down to me by my father, who was a physician. To an equal extent, it speaks to my optimism that the secrets of the universe can be unlocked to solve humanity’s problems. Curing virulent diseases, combatting climate change, eradicating world hunger, increasing the world’s fresh water supply and tapping into unlimited … Read More