Federation Executive Director Dave Drimer’s Letter To the Editor Published in Kingston Freeman

Dear Editor: Israel is not a “rogue nation.” (“Israel isolating itself from rest of world, Eli Kassirer, August 15, 2021). The region’s only democracy, it’s a nation of laws affording equal protection to Jew, Christian, and Arab alike. Wherever Israel is viewed as a “pariah state,” it’s little to do with Israeli policies and much to do with anti-Semitism. We’re … Read More

Jewish Federation of Ulster County announces launch of county-wide Anti-semitism Hotline

24/7/365 Support for Victims of Systemic Bias; Will Field Anonymous Complaints Kingston, August 16 — A Hotline to report anti-Semitic incidents was launched today by the Jewish Federation of Ulster County (UCJF), according to a joint statement by the Federation’s president, Rondavid Gold, and its executive director, David Drimer.  The organization first announced the creation of the Ulster Co. Anti-Semitism Hotline in … Read More