Ad SizeSingle IssueFour Issues
Single 1.8"h x 3.5"w$36$75
Double 3.6"h 3.5"w$50$140
1/4 page 5.4"h x 3.5"w$75$225
1/2 page 5.4"h x 7.5"w $125$375
1/2 page 9"h x 3.5"w $125$375

Camera ready ads should be submitted in .pdf or .jpeg format or emailed to You may also mail a business card to the address below.
(*Additional fees for any required pre-production costs or ad revisions for Layout. Design, Halftone, Scanning).

Ads are printed in black & white.

We also offer One-Page Flyer Inserts - $125 per Insert ($100 for Non-Profits) Creating, Printing & Delivering flyer inserts to the Federation office or Copy Hut are the Advertiser’s responsibility.

Jewish Federation of Ulster County
390 Aaron Court
Kingston, NY 12401

Kolenu Ad

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