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 October 18th program postponed | New event date to be determined



The Israel Advocacy Committee of the Jewish Federation of Ulster County

will host this forum and bring together

Israeli speakers from the Muslim, Christian and Druze communities.

Our speakers will share experiences as Israelis, as minorities, and as soldiers.


Atif Abu Naji is an Israeli Arab Muslim who was born and raised in the city of Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel.

Hadeel Moreb is the first Israeli Armenian-Christian officer in IDF history. Last year, she received a Certificate of Excellence from the President of the State of Israel on Independence Day, in May 2019.

Majd Bader is an Israeli Druze who served in the IDF with the Golani special forces.

Today, he is a student and recently established a startup company.

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New event date coming soon | Date to be determined

Presented by the Israel Advocacy Committee of
the Jewish Federation of Ulster County
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