As Sean Nixon, Professor of Art at SUNY Ulster tells it, “Our Real World Classroom is a resource in the community – we like to help.” And help they have. Their design program prepares students for employment by offering the experience of dealing with a client, going through a communications process to complete the creation of a unique and useable product – a brand new brochure for the organization! Spring semester 2018 yielded a beautifully designed and thoroughly new look for the Jewish Federation of Ulster County. The Real World Classroom is the only two-year program offering this kind of first hand real experience. Arlene Gould, the Federation’s Executive Coordinator met several times with Professor Nixon’s class to explain what the Federation does and to critique the students’ drafts as students worked on the project. Each visit elicited a “Wow” from Arlene as she saw the drafts develop. After careful consideration and consultation with Board member Barbara Blas, they finally settled on the design created by Sharon Wasko (see attached). This new brochure will be used for fundraising and marketing purposes by the Federation going forward. Arlene explains that “it was a great exercise to work with the students as it required focusing in on our purpose and services to the community and the best way to exhibit them clearly. We are most grateful to all the participating students (Skye Hewson, Morgan Hickey, Shannon Mahoney, Cheyenne Robinson, Michael Walsh, and Sharon Wasko, whose brochure was selected) for their questions, concentration and eagerness to learn during the process, and to Professor Nixon for inviting the Federation as his Spring semester class project.” To see examples of the process at work, you may view videos: Real World Classroom Overview. What a difference this first hand learning makes with helping students get a job; they are so lucky to have a program like this one. Thank you Real World Classroom.